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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

Pressure Relief Venting for Stairwell Pressurisation

The pressurisation of stairwells is an increasingly common method of ensuring a safe means of exit from a building on fire.

Pressure control must be in place, to maintain minimum & maximum stairwell pressures, within agreed parameters.

Apreco’s range of standard pressure relief vents are characterised by ease of installation.

For internal siting, the blade balancing system allows vertical, horizontal and inclined mounting.

A variety of bespoke external solutions are also available, including weather protection using fixed or motorised low loss louvres and penthouse assemblies.

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Pressure Relief Venting for Stairwell Pressurisation

Fabric Ducting Solutions for Consumable Applications

This three minute video talks about fabric ducting solutions and the challenges presented in consumable applications, such as food processing, preparation & packaging, growing facilities, beverage & bottling, warehousing, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Highlights include:
• Opti-X – Medical grade fabric
• R-Track – Stainless steel retractable systems
• Benefits of Fabric vs. Metal

The consumables industry is a fast growing sector of the economy. It is generally defined as encompassing all areas of food and beverage production, including manufacturing, processing, packaging and growing, as well as food service, restaurants and retail (grocery).

While no two consumables industry facilities are the same, there are a variety of common air-flow related environmental challenges that they face. Metal duct solutions can contribute to poor indoor air quality and contamination due to:

• Insufficient airflow that encourages microbial growth
• The need for drip pans to collect condensation
• Remaining condensation on surfaces from washdowns and lack of airflow
• Cross-contamination in harsh washdown applications
• Safety hazards when cleaning elevated work areas
• Downtime and labour costs of system-wide cleaning

Hygienic Advantages

DuctSox air dispersion solutions provide better indoor air quality, better environmental control and a better cleaning experience.

• Targeted air dispersion options prevent condensation buildup throughout the facility
• DuctSox Opti-X fabric controls the growth and spread of bacteria, fungi and mould in consumable environments
• Anti-microbial, grade and shed proof fabric
• Can be laundered
• Healthier environment

Low Maintenance

A variety of suspension options are available including the stainless-steel food grade R-Track suspension system.

• The unique design of the R-Track makes fabric removal for cleaning, quick and easy
• Zippered segments at the end of a run to allow removal of the whole length from a single access point
• Recommended to use spare sets of socks for laundering, to minimize down time during scheduled cleanings

Reduced Condensation

The sanitation cycle in food facilities is essential to keeping operations and product clean and safe throughout the supply chain. However, that same necessary cycle introduces unwanted condensation.

Fabric ductwork eliminates this issue with the following features:

• Entire duct is comprised of breathable fabric material, condensation is not able to form or rest on the exterior of the duct
• Targeted air dispersion helps prevent condensation on walls, ceilings, floors and production equipment
• Features a zippered section design to allow for sections to be removed, commercially laundered, and re-installed

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TechIN appoints ecoHVAC as a distributor of ALDAG Air Handling Units

Aldag Modular Air Handling Unit

ecoHVAC are pleased to advise we have been appointed by TechIN as the QLD, NSW & ACT Distributor for the ALDAG range of Air Handling Units.

ALDAG modular air handling units are available with airflow range from 400 l/s up to 34,700 l/s. The AHU conditions the air to achieve the desired indoor air quality, temperature and humidity. They are EUROVENT Certified and are designed to meet the customer’s specific HVAC requirements.

Since 1967 ALDAG Cooling Industry Inc. has been a pioneer and leader in the production of refrigerators by these facilities. Flexibility in design, quality in production, energy saving, customer satisfaction in service are their general policy.

  • Airflow Range: 400 l/s to 34,700 l/s (larger airflows available as special design)
  • Construction: Commercial, Hygienic, Single deck and multiple decking, Multi-zone, Vertical & Horizontal, Indoor and Outdoor installation
  • Fans: EC fans, AC fans with speed controller, Centrifugal Belt-driven
  • Cooling: Water and glycol coils, DX freon coils, Special coils like CO2, NH3…
  • Heating: Water coils, Electric banks, Vapor coils
  • Heat recovery: Wheel type, Plate type, Run-around coils
  • Filters: Any classification (EUROVENT certified)
  • Options: UVC, Controls, Humidifiers
  • Casing: T2 – T3 class. TB1 – TB3 class

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DuctSox Data Centre Airflow Solutions

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Metal ducts create problems with:

  • Unusable Rack Space
  • Temperature Variations
  • Irregular Velocities

Fabric systems are custom engineered for the airflow challenges of today’s data centres.

DuctSox has the solution.

DuctSox provide targeted, consistent airflow and velocity in cold aisles with adjustability that allows for higher heat load targeting.

For more information, please visit our DuctSox Products page or Contact Us.

Room Air Purification

The Price Room Air Purifier improves indoor air quality with air filtration wherever and whenever you need it.

In today’s world, indoor air quality is an increasing concern and the ability to provide clean air to room occupants is more important than ever. Most commercial spaces focus primarily on cost and thermal comfort while air quality is based on minimum requirements, which can result in lower than optimal air quality.

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VAV Diffusers In High Performance Air Systems

Creating Comfort, Efficiency and Sustainability with VAV Diffusers

High performance air systems demand modern design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimise comfort and reduce energy consumption. A comfortable environment is achieved by providing the smallest possible zones of temperature control, allowing for individual temperature distribution and better air movement. Reduction in energy is realized by designing a low-pressure HVAC system that allows for maximum turn-down while maintaining temperatures.

vav diffuser range
High performance air systems demand design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimise comfort and reduce energy consumption.
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The Four Pillars of UVC Disinfection

four pillars of uvc disinfectionAmerican Ultraviolet uses the most comprehensive approach to UVC disinfection to safely cover all areas in a building, and they do so with a special focus on reducing pathogens in the environment. This is the core concept behind the Four (4) pillars of UVC Disinfection. Since it is known that UVC reduces pathogens in air, and on surfaces, a multi-prong approach can be used inside a building.
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The Pros and Cons of Mobile UVC Disinfection Units

american ultraviolet mobile uvc unit
If you’re responsible for maintaining a business or commercial building, this can be a very uncertain time. COVID-19 has changed the way all of us operate. Your building may either be closed, reopening, or overrun with people. Regardless, there is one thing that’s top of mind: the health of everyone who uses your building.

Germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) products can kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.
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