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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

Thermal Buffer Storage Tanks

Thermal Buffer Storage Tanks are used to store large volumes of chilled or hot water. They reduce chiller or boiler short cycling by increasing system capacity and stabilising the return water temperature.

ecoHVAC have a wide range of Thermal Buffer Storage Tanks sizes from 500 – 15,000 litre and are available in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. Other options include Soft Vinyl or Metal Cladding with insulation and internal baffle sparge pipes. AS1210 compliant tanks are also available.

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thermal buffer storage tanks

A Closer Look at the SteriTouch® Antimicrobial Coating on Apreco VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers

The main function of the SteriTouch Antimicrobial Coating on Apreco VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers is to offer protection against a range of bacteria including e.coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella, as well as black mould growth biofilm and fungi. SteriTouch eradicates the bacteria which causes contamination and infection. Its purpose is not to create a sterile environment but to act as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.

Independent performance tests carried out for Apreco have proven that SteriTouch® powder coated VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabilisers reduce E.coli and MRSA organisms by 99.999% within a 24 hour duration.

Historically brushed Hair Line Stainless Steel has been the material of choice in the healthcare sector, however antimicrobial claims cannot be made for this material.
The brushed surface finish on Stainless Steel also acts as a safe haven for bacteria allowing it to survive and thrive even after routine cleaning.

In Independent tests carried out for Apreco have proven E.coli organisms increased by 39% over a 24 hour period on Stainless Steel sample while the same size sample from a SteriTouch® powder coated VARI-centric® Air Pressure Stabiliser saw a reduce in E.coli organisms by 99.999%

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steritouch antimicrobial coating apreco-vari-centric air pressure stabilisers

The Secret Behind Entrematic HVLS Fans Industry-Leading Quality and Operation

Quality, Performance and Safety All Rely On Solid Engineering

For the past eight years, Entrematic has committed itself to providing the highest quality, best performing — and best looking HVLS fans.

While simple, eye-catching design and colour options are important considerations, beneath the surface of every Entrematic fan is a wealth of solid engineering that goes well beyond what meets the eye.

Their team of HVLS fan engineers are involved in every step of our fan production process — from initial concept and design to stringent safety measures — as well as our product lifetime performance guarantee.  And above all, the sheer amount of engineering that goes into each fan’s safe operation for the life of the product is second to none.

As you spec HVLS fans for your various mechanical HVAC and other projects, we invite you to learn more about the solid engineering that resides at the core of each and every Entrematic HVLS fan.

For for information, please visit our HVLS Fan page or Contact Us.

entrematic hvls fan quality

Apreco Exclusive Distributor – Australia and New Zealand

ecoHVAC is proud to announce it is now the exclusive distributor for the Apreco product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Apreco, who are Air Movement Specialists, have been manufacturing a wide-range of quality products in the UK for Healthcare, Cleanrooms and Fire Suppression since 1997.

Their product range includes Air Pressure Stabilisers and Pressure Relief Vents to protect & safeguard individuals and companies.

For more information, please visit our Apreco Product Range page or Contact Us.

apreco distributor australia new zealand

Achieve Better Air Distribution with DuctSox Fabric Ducting

If you are looking for an alternative to Metal Ducting, DuctSox has the perfect BAD (Better Air Distribution) Solution – Yes, They are so BAD they are Good.

When designing a new Project – Think DuctSox – Make a Statement – Think Outside of the Box – Create an Environment that Inspires & Differentiates your Company from the rest.

Fabric systems are lightweight, flexible and breathable which allows for uniform and precise air distribution making it comfortable. Quiet and more efficient than metal ductwork.

Traditional metal ductwork is heavy, rigid and can only disperse air through spaced out diffusers restricting airflow to localized areas.

Contact Us and Explore the Possibilities.

think ductsox when thinking outside the box

Condensing Boilers – Reduce Heating Energy Use

Condensing boilers use water vapour in the exhaust gases (a natural result of combustion) to pre-heat the incoming water and save energy in comparison to conventional boilers. They are usually 90% to 98% efficient, compared with the National Construction Code minimum requirement of 80% or 83%. Systems should be designed so that the water returning water from the heating system has a temperature between 30-55°C, to ensure full condensing capacity is achieved and maximin energy efficiency.

Features, Advantages:
• Increased Efficiency
• Improved Comfort & Control
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Space Saving

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condensing boilers reduce heating energy use

UVC Germicidal Light – On Coil Cleaning HVAC

Germicidal Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) devices installed on the downstream side of the cooling coil, reduce HVAC energy consumption and cleaning. The germicidal UV-C light continuously cleans coils of mould and organic build-up, bringing them back to peak efficiency. Benefits include better airflow, temperature and humidity control, improved heat transfer, and greater net cooling capacity. Energy savings of 20% and higher are common.

Benefits of UV-C;
• Increase IAQ
• Increase Heat Transfer
• Decrease Pressure Drop
• Decrease Microbial Growth
• Decrease Maintenance Costs

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uvc on coil cleaning hvac

Energy Savings in Buildings – HVAC Best Practice

Studies confirm that Therma-Fuser™ Systems are the most efficient VAV approach, with building energy savings of 10%-47%, as compared to VAV box systems.

Therma-Fuser VAV diffusers allow for all low-pressure, low-energy system designs, which prevent overcooling and overheating. The thermostat-actuator and damper, located inside each unit, is designed to reduce the flow of supply air such that the volume entering the space is only the amount necessary to maintain a set temperature. By preventing overcooling and overheating, overall energy usage is greatly reduced.

Therma-Fuser VAV diffusers also have the lowest pressure drop of any VAV terminal, allowing for low-pressure systems and low energy fan motors.

No energy is required to operate the diffuser’s controls.

Sources of Energy Savings:
• Individual Temperature Control (small zones)
• Lower Turndown
• Eliminate Pressure Drop
• All low-pressure duct system

See Acutherm for more detailed information or contact ecoHVAC.

building energy savings with vav diffusers