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Apreco Exclusive Distributor – Australia and New Zealand

ecoHVAC is proud to announce it is now the exclusive distributor for the Apreco product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Apreco, who are Air Movement Specialists, have been manufacturing a wide-range of quality products in the UK for Healthcare, Cleanrooms and Fire Suppression since 1997.

Their product range includes Air Pressure Stabilisers and Pressure Relief Vents to protect & safeguard individuals and companies.

For more information, please visit our Apreco Product Range page or Contact Us.

apreco distributor australia new zealand

Aercon – Air Pressure Stabilisers

ecoHVAC now represent Aercon – Air Pressure StabilisersAercon Air Pressure Stabilisers

The guarantee of clean filtered air is essential in many hospital and clean room environments.

The standard technique used to achieve this is to supply treated air into the clean room and maintain a positive differential pressure between this room and adjacent rooms or corridors.

Aercon, a division of the Power Utilities Group, manufacture a range of air pressure stabilisers designed and engineered to facilitate the application of differential air pressure control within hospital operating theatres, aseptic suites, pharmacies, clean room and similar environments.

Aercon, a division of the Power Utilities Group, has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Air Pressure Control Valves and Air Pressure Stabilisers.

Aercon design and manufacture Air Pressure Control Valves and Air Pressure Stabilisers that are used in in hospitals, operating theatres, clean rooms, for gas fire supression and protected fire routes as well as many other industrial applications. Aercon Air Pressure Control Valves and Air Pressure Stabilisers are used throughout the world.

Type LF – Air Pressure Stabilisers:
Controlling cascade ventilation systems for use in hospital operating thetres, clean rooms and laboratories.
Type W – Air Pressure Control Valves:
For use in humid conditions and the pharmaceutical industry, removeable for easy cleaning.
Type T – Air Pressure Contol Valves:
For controlling pressure in protected escape routes.
Type X – Air Pressure Contol Valves (Heavy Duty):
For specialist industrial and defence applications at pressures of up to 500Pa.

For more detailed information, please contact your nearest ecoHVAC representative or visit www.ecohvac.com.au.