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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

In-Duct Air Disinfection with UVC Germicidal Lamps

American Ultraviolet High-output DC-Series HVAC UVC Germicidal Lamps:
• Duct Mounted UV-C
• Optimised pass-by air decontamination
• Lamps & electronics accessed externally from ducting
• Available in two and four-lamp configuration
• Can be mounted singly, in built-up banks, or in parallel configurations
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UVC Germicidal Light – On Coil Cleaning HVAC

Germicidal Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) devices installed on the downstream side of the cooling coil, reduce HVAC energy consumption and cleaning. The germicidal UV-C light continuously cleans coils of mould and organic build-up, bringing them back to peak efficiency. Benefits include better airflow, temperature and humidity control, improved heat transfer, and greater net cooling capacity. Energy savings of 20% and higher are common.

Benefits of UV-C;
• Increase IAQ
• Increase Heat Transfer
• Decrease Pressure Drop
• Decrease Microbial Growth
• Decrease Maintenance Costs

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uvc on coil cleaning hvac

American Ultraviolet President/ CEO Visits Australia

american ultraviolet president visits australiaPresident and CEO of American Ultraviolet, Mr Meredith Stines, visits with Consultants in conjunction with the launch of ecoHVAC’s distributorship of HVAC UVC Germicidal Light Solutions. Presentations to Consultants in Brisbane and Sydney were arranged to advise them of the health and cost saving benefits of UVC Germicidal Lights.

Since 1960 American Ultraviolet has manufactured 100,000+ effective UVC germicidal fixtures for healthcare, industrial, commercial, and residential applications, including HVAC, hospital, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food and beverage manufacturing and processing, among others.

American Ultraviolet also manufactures a wide range of in-duct UV HVAC air duct system equipment, on-coil HVAC UV air handling systems, in-room HVAC UV light systems, Operating Room UV packages, and ultraviolet germicidal fixtures for numerous applications. This includes commercial buildings, hospitals, clinics, food and beverage processing plants, offices, restaurants and commercial kitchens, and manufacturing sites, among others.

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