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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

Measure your UVC Equipment’s Performance without an expensive Radiometer

Introducing the American Ultraviolet Dosimeter.

The UVC Dosimeter is an inexpensive way to accurately measure your UVC equipment’s performance. Just place the UVC Dosimeter in the room, turn on your equipment and the Photo-chromatic ink reacts to the UVC to give you accurate dosage levels.

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UltraSuite – The Ceiling Solution for Modern Healthcare Operating Theaters by Price Industries

Introducing UltraSuite – The ceiling solution for modern healthcare Operating Theaters by Price Industries.

Ultrasuite is a customisable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms.

Ultrasuite combines high-output LED lighting with precision equalised laminar airflow, eliminating the traditional “light ring” & opening valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment, while optimising contaminant removal from the surgical zone.

Conforming to all ASHRAE 170 requirements, Ultrasuite is the perfect combination of performance, aesthetics and efficiency.

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