Standalone Motorised VAV Diffuser

Every Therma-Fuser™ Motorised VAV diffuser is a VAV zone of temperature control providing pleasing comfort in both heating and cooling. A wide range of control is available with comfort set points adjustable from 13-35˚C. The electric motor delivers a consistent response for control of room temperature, and when required, a quick response to commands. The Wall Adjuster provides easy access for unit configuration and for the occupant to adjust comfort set points.

The need for any maintenance or repair is minimized through the robust design and a brushless DC stepper motor specifically selected for a long life. The electric motor directly drives a threaded shaft connected with a linkage to the dampers eliminating the need for a failure prone gear box. The control algorithm reduces the motor run time to a minimum reducing energy use and extending the motor life. And, should maintenance be required, the unique design allows for easy access to the motor from the room without removal of the diffuser from the ceiling.

Only Therma-Fuser™ Motorised VAV Diffusers offers these Benefits:

• Quiet – no motor noiseMotorised VAV Diffuser
• Separate temperature set points for VAV heating and VAV cooling
• Superior air distribution – longer throws, no dumping, more entrainment, even temperature distribution, higher ADPI* and better room air change effectiveness
• Lowest energy VAV terminalgreen VAV
• Low to no maintenance- 2 year warranty
• Easily adapts to office changes

How the Standalone Motorised VAV Diffuser Works

Model MF Therma-Fuser diffusers are nominal 600mm square ceiling diffusers with built in DDC controller, temperature sensors and VAV damper. Four damper blades open and close to meter air flow (hot or cold) into the room in response to room temperature. The dampers are modulated by a brushless DC stepper motor. The electric motor, rigorously tested to provide many years of reliable service, directly drives a threaded shaft connected with a linkage to the damper blades.

The controller uses an ‘expert system’ control similar to having an “expert” sitting there making the adjustments. Unlike PID control, ‘expert system’ control does not require field tuning. Every 10 seconds it determines if the flow should be adjusted and the amount of any adjustment based on temperature relationships and the rate of change.

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