Air & Dirt Separators

ecoHVAC ProductsAir & Dirt Separators are a very effective way to remove particulate matter and oxygen from closed loop systems. The separator is installed in the pipework and continuously removes introduced oxygen from the system and separates out particulate matter. Removing air and dirt from the any closed system is essential to eliminate needless wear and tear on the equipment, valves and pipework. These compact units will suit most boiler systems.

Features:airatherm air dirt separators
• Acts as hydraulic circuit breaker to separate the boiler from the system
• Maintains minimum flow through boiler
• Create low velocity zone for dirt deposition
• Removes air and sediments from system


• Mild (std) or Stainless Steel
• Colorbond, S/S cladding or R2 insulation with vinyl wrap
• Supplied with or without Polyurathane insulation

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