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Commercial Chemical Stainless Steel Dosing Pots

ecoHVAC ProductsCommercial Chemical Stainless Steel Dosing Pots are used for the chemical dosing of closed heated or chilled water systems. Chemical additives are added via the dosing pot to avoid corrosion of pipes and components, which is the easiest and most cost-effective way of introducing chemicals into the system.

A dosing pot is a small pressure vessel, installed upon a side-stream bypass that allows it to be isolated, filled with the appropriate chemical, sealed and then opened to the mechanical or hydraulic circuit. The bypass typically breaches a pump so that one connection to the dosing pot is on the suction side of the pump and the other is on the discharge side of the pump.

Our dosing pots are manufactured from stainless steel and range in size from 15 litres to 45 litres capacity. They come complete with isolation valves and fill spout.

stainless steel chemical dosing pots

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