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Chilled Beams & Induction VAV

Chilled Beam – Active & Passive

solid air logoThe OKNI active chilled beam has been designed as a compact chilled beam, with a low built-in height; they have a high capacity and they are suitable for ventilation and cooling and for heating rooms of 2.4 to 3.5 metres high. The units have the same capacities, but vary in width.

active chilled beam okniThe closed units introduces the supply air on two sides and its highly efficient blow-in effect means it can be fitted in offices in the middle of the rooms parallel to the facade.

The choice of various nozzle types enables an optimum combination of ventilation air and cooling capacity in every situation.

Flexible Hoses and Connectors for Chilled Beams

flexible hosesecoHVAC can also supply Flexible Hoses and Connectors to suit your Chilled Beam application.

The hose consists of a 304 grade stainless steel braided outer casing and an inner tube of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) for Chilled Water applications. They are supplied with either flat seat or BSP fittings.

The nominal length of the hose is 500mm (as standard) but can be supplied in lengths of 750mm or 1,000mm. Other lengths are available on request.

For more information, please download our Flexible Hoses brochure.

Constant Volume Damper – VCMRconstant volume damper solid air

The VCMR is a mechanical constant volume damper. The damper is designed to maintain the design volume independent of inlet pressure. The design volume is easily set by adjustment of the external sliding scale. The operating range of the damper is 50 – 1000 Pa (±10%).

The housing and damper are manufacturered from galvanized sheet steel and the damper shaft is manufacturered from stainless steel. The bearings are maintenance free.

The VCMR constant volume damper is not affected by the mounting position and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or on an angle. Each unit can be fully adjusted on site within its operating limits.

Induction VAV Units – VVI Range

The indutronic variable volume unit is suitable for room temperature control in low, middle and high pressure installations. The units are suitable for supply (type VVR— and VVI—) and return (type VVR—).

Benefits and Features:induction vav box
• Range from 10% to 100%
• Maximum possible comfort
• Low Sound Levels
• Central System can be up to 20% smaller
• Complete with eXavol Measuring Station
• Complete VAV Induction Unit
• Compatible with most Controllers
• Energy Savings (up to 30%)
• No Maintenance
• Standard Diffusers can be used

Active Chilled Beam Range, Applications and Features

Product Range:
• Active Chilled Beams
• Constant Volume Regulators
• Induction VAV Boxes
• Swirl Diffusers
Chilled Beam Applications:
• Offices
• Meeting rooms
• Teaching rooms
• Open-plan offices
Chilled Beam Features:
• Low built-in height
• Compact design
• Controlled room temperature
• Five standard lengths


How Chilled Beams Work

how chilled beams workA chilled beam is a type of convection HVAC system designed to heat or cool large buildings. Pipes of water are passed through a chilled beam either integrated into a suspended ceiling systems.

As the chilled beam cools the air around it, the air becomes denser and falls to the floor. It is replaced by warmer air moving up from below, causing a constant flow of convection and cooling the room. Heating works in much the same fashion, similar to a steam radiator.

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