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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Heating Product Range

Gas Heaters

LPG & Natural gas are an extremely efficient method for Commercial & Industrial Gas Heating, with little energy loss from its production or use. The AIRA Gas Heating product range includes direct and indirect fired gas heaters as well as heating, cooling, ventilating units. The direct and indirect fired gas heaters can be coupled with energy recovery systems making them ideal for projects where energy efficiency is a premium.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters imitate the sun, the most comfortable and efficient heat source available. The heat is emitted only when the rays hit a surface and the room temperature can thus be lowered while occupants experience a comfortable environment. This makes radiant heaters well suited not only for total heating but also for zone and spot heating, for example to avoid cold draughts from windows. Radiant heaters are easy to install and require minimum maintenance. They heat directly when switched on and give no air movement.

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are reliable and are designed for long life, with an extensive range. The investment cost is low compared to other heating systems. A great advantage of fan heaters is the option of combining heating and ventilation. Fan heaters are compact, silent and light weight. They are available for electrical heating as well as for water heating.