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Electronic Condensate Pumps

edc logocondensate pump panther

Panther Condensate Pump

So quiet you really won’t know it’s there unless you installed it yourself.

The Panther is a solid state electronic condensate removal system designed to fit neatly inside even the smallest high wall split air conditioner.

The Panther electronic reservoir sensing unit eliminates all worries about positioning. This versatile little unit is so easy-going that you’re spoilt for choice.

condensate pump jaguar

Jaguar Condensate Pump

The Jaguar condensate pump is easy to fit and easy to maintain – the pump is made for installers. Speedy fitting is assured with the Jaguar.

Completely automatic operation is enhanced by the intelligent Electronic Energy Control System (EECS) circuitry to guarantee quiet starting and stopping, as well as power control to regulate the amount of energy required to remove the condensate.

Cougar Condensate Pumpcondensate pump cougar

The Cougar is a submersible condensate removal pump designed to automatically remove condensate water from refrigerated cases, dehumidifiers, fan coils and air conditioning systems.

The pump is intended to be installed within a collection tray inside the equipment. The water level is measured by an Electronic Energy Control System (EECS) that controls the operation of the pump via the fully-encapsulated circuitry.
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