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Energy Recovery Equipment

desiccant rotors international logoDesiccant Rotors International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of products for Energy Recovery and other equipment for Ventilation/Fresh Air Treatment for maintaining IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Our product range includes Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs) incorporating the EcoFresh Heat Wheels for Fresh Air Treatment & IAQ. We also have Evaporative Cooling Pads for Humidification/ Evaporative Cooling & ARCTIC Coolers incorporating EcoCool Pads for cooling large spaces.

enthalpy sensible rotorAll the products find a wide application in commercial spaces like hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, auditoriums and all conditioned spaces as well as conditioned manufacturing and processing areas of pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, defence etc.

DRI’s “Green” products help optimize energy performance of the air conditioning systems. This results in a considerable reduction of installed tonnage, reduction in utility bills for the product’s entire life cycle, enhanced IAQ and productivity and reduced health risks. DRI Products also help procure rating points for energy certification programs like Greenstar and LEED.

energy recovery ventilatorThe company has a fully integrated rotor manufacturing facility with in-house capability of coating, synthesizing, winding, metal working and surface finishing. The plant is geared for quick response, fast delivery and has substantial capacity to meet large orders. It offers endless permutations and combinations of substrates, chemicals, synthesizing coating processes and design features which allow customisation of rotors for specific end use.

About Desiccant Rotors International

Desiccant Rotors International is an ISO certified company is a global provider of components, products and systems for energy recovery, IAQ, fresh air treatment, evaporative cooling, humidification, RH control and green buildings.

DRI has a worldwide network of sales offices all over India, USA, Brazil, Europe, UAE, Africa, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Korea and Australia.

With over 500 man-years of research and development, DRI has mastered the “art and science” of manufacturing rotors for both latent and sensible recovery as well as for dehumidification.

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