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Immergas Victrix Pro Condensing Boiler for Commercial Applications

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The Immergas Victrix Pro Condensing Boiler is a modular condensing boiler with a 111 kW heat output for heating only.

Wide modulating ratio up to 5 boilers in cascade installation, high performances with reduced consumption thanks to the 1:10 modulation range and high efficiency, the new VICTRIX PRO boiler is the ideal solution for light commercial solutions in residential and commercial buildings. The new design, compact and linear, with a vertical sliding door protecting the control board, makes its installation easy even in residential buildings.

immergas victrix pro condensing boilerVictrix Pro can be used on the appropriate supporting modulation frame for floor standing installations. Certified for indoor and outdoor installations, even in unsheltered areas thanks to the IPX5D electric protection, the boiler is supplied with the -5 °C anti-freeze kit as standard.

Thanks to low emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOX), Victrix Pro 120 1 I belongs to class 5, the most environmentally-friendly class established by the European standards (UNI EN 297 e UNI EN 483).

• Stainless Steel heat exchanger
• High heating outputs
• High efficiency condensing technology
• 55 kW to 120 kW output
• Reduced energy consumption
• Very high modulation range up to 1:10
• Cascade installation of up to 5 boilers
• Indoor and outdoor installation
• Purchase Premium Pack & extend warranty to 5 years

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