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Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes

endless solar logoEndless Solar uses Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tube technology for our solar hot water heaters, which are more efficient than flat plate collectors, especially in the winter months. These collectors are covered by a 15 year manufacture’s warranty.

Our tanks use marine grade stainless steel, are Australian made and are also backed by a 15 year warranty. If you would like your system to have gas boosting, Endless Solar provides instantaneous boosters as a back up for the solar system. Electric/gas booster option also available.

Endless Solar is an Australian owned and operated company. Since 2004, Endless Solar has been designing and supplying Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems and pioneering the acceptance of the elite Evacuated Tube technology in Australia. Endless Solar has been supplying Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes to builders and plumbers in the industry for over 10 years.

Why Choose Endless Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated Tube technology is a truly ‘universal’ solution. Endless Solar collectors are suitable for ANY Australian roof, and do not need to go on a north facing roof. They are also light-weight and modular to allow for an easy installation, without having to reinforce your roof.

• Advanced Evacuated Tube technologysolar hot water tube system
• Greater Savings on your hot water bill
• Smarter solar hot water designs
• High quality products backed with genuine warranties
• Quality Controlled – Certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System
• Proven credibility and expertise
• Expert advice in solar thermal solutions
• Simply looks and works better than other systems
• Solid reputation and many years experience
• Personalised service
• Australian Standards® Certified designs, processes and components
• WaterMark quality certification
• Ready for rebates
• Frost Protected
• Self Cleaning
• Built to Last

Residential Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes

residential tube system katoombaEndless Solar provides high quality Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems for both residential and commercial use. Our solar hot water systems are manufactured to meet Australian Standards using long lasting materials to suit Australian roofs.

Installing a solar hot water system is the single biggest thing an Australian household can do to reduce energy consumption. A normal electric hot water unit guzzles around one third of the energy used in your home. When you think about it, a conventional electric water heater is just like a giant kettle running for hours each day, using a considerable amount of energy.

Endless Solar’s Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems use the latest high-efficiency solar technology. When a high quality system such as ours is correctly matched to your needs, it can produce the majority of your hot water – from just the energy radiated from the sun.

Our systems are very efficient, however, we also pride ourselves on our reputation for high manufacturing standards, premium quality materials and the professional service that we provide to our customers.

Endless Solar supplies a wide range of solar water heating solutions for households including:
• Gas Boosted Solar
• Electric Boosted Solar
• Pre-Heat Solar (to existing gas or electric hot water systems)
• Retro-fit Solar (to existing electric tanks)

Our range of packaged domestic solar hot water systems are Watermarked and fully certified to Australian Standards. Our Evacuated Tube solar collectors carry a genuine 15 year warranty.

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Commercial Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes

commercial hot water systemEndless Solar specialises in designing large-scale hot water plants for commercial applications that require high volumes of hot water – from Bed & Breakfast accommodation, to multi-unit residential apartment blocks, to aged care facilities – and everything in between.

Endless Solar’s range of high-performance commercial solar hot water solutions gives you the flexibility, reliability and results that you need to reduce your water heating costs and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Endless Solar is a leader in Evacuated Tube Technology, which is significantly more efficient than traditional “flat panel / flat plate / un-glazed” solar collectors. Our commercial solar hot water systems are modular and easy to install… and can be customized to suit your project.

How Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes Work

how solar hot water evacuated tubes workSolar Hot Water Systems from Endless Solar use the exceptional efficiency and power of Evacuated Tube Technology. This breakthrough technology is recognised around the world as a much better way to heat water using the sun’s endless energy.

Evacuated Tubes from Endless Solar provide a new level of performance and expectation in the solar water heating industry. They deliver many advantages over all other types of solar heaters.

Evacuated Tubes are a proven technology now widely accepted in Australia… all the way from consumers and plumbers – right through to the Federal Government level.

There are many suppliers of Evacuated Tubes in Australia. Endless Solar’s reputation has been earned through our attention to detail, product quality & performance… and our exceptional service levels and experience.

Endless Solar is recognised as the leader in advanced solar thermal design and has many years of expertise in solar. Endless Solar stands apart from all other Evacuated Tube suppliers in the market. Give us a call to find out more.

All Evacuated Tube products from Endless Solar are Australian Standards approved.

Evacuated Tubes are sleek, stylish and super-efficient. They work by absorbing the sun’s energy, trapping it like a giant thermos flask, and efficiently transferring heat to the water supply.

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