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Therma-Fuser BMS Integration Options

acutherm logoAcutherm have a wide range of options to enable Therma-Fuser VAV Diffusers to be integrated with the Building Management System (BAS). Integration with the BMS is simple because a protocol independent interface is built in. A scaled analog output of the set point and an analog input to change the set point are available.

Digital Wall Adjuster

digital wireless wall adjustersAcutherm’s Wall Adjusters provide Therma-Fuser™ diffusers with a remotely adjustable temperature control set point. The Wall Adjuster allows the occupant to easily adjust the temperature set point of the thermostat(s) located in the Therma-Fuser diffuser. This unit comes complete with a cable for connection between the Adjuster and the diffuser.

Wireless Wall Adjuster

The Wireless Wall Adjuster is battery-less using power harvesting technology to run the wall unit and a wireless digital protocol to communicate with the diffuser.

Interoperable BACnet VAV Motorised Diffusers – E Series

The Interoperable BACnet VAV Motorised Diffuser provides more information about what’s happening in the space than any other VAV terminal because it monitors load, supply air temperature and flow at each diffuser. Native BACnet™ BTL® Listed compliance ensures that the EF will exchange data with products from other vendors on any BACnet™ DDC building control network. Interoperability with other control networks is easy using gateways by other manufacturers.

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Motorised VAV Diffusers – Advantage Series

The Advantage Series Motorised VAV Diffusers provide a greater range of operation and increased speed of response required by some projects. Each Advatage Series has a large range of operative setpoints to meet different energy guidelines and a quick speed of response is possible for specialty applications.

The Advantage Series Motorised VAV Diffusers has a 0-10VDC analog input for set point adjustment by a building automation system. The damper can also be forced open or closed through this interface.

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