AirPatrol WiFi – Control Your Air Conditioner with Your Phone

air patrol logoIntroducing AirPatrol WiFi – an innovative universal Air Conditioner / heat pump controller you operate with a smartphone.

AirPatrol enables you to effortlessly change the mode, room temperature and fan speed of a heat pump or air conditioner. The controller can also inform you about low / high room temperature, low / high room humidity, power failures and service intervals.

Cool or heat your house only for the period when you’re at home and turn it off when no one is around.

Never again arrive to a cold or hot home. Adjust the room temperature to perfection prior to arrival or set up automatic time cues.

Installation takes just a few minutes and it works with all major heat pumps, air conditioners and smartphones.

For more information, or to purchase your own AirPatrol WiFi unit, please visit our AirPatrol website.

how airpatrol wifi works