Boost aesthetics without breaking your budget

improve aesthetics with skelecore pull tight

See the difference in aesthetics when the AHU is off.
From left to right, SkeleCore Pull-Tight, Hoops (IHS) Track, 1 Row Cable

SkeleCore Pull-Tight can significantly improve the aesthetics of your project without compromising your client’s budget.

If your customers care about aesthetics, but are also concerned about cost, Pull-Tight may be the answer. SkeleCore FTS offers the highest aesthetic appeal, but cost may be an obstacle. Pull-Tight offers a high aesthetic, but won’t break the bank when it comes to cost. If you have been recommending IHS or other Traditional 1, 2, or 3 Row Systems, you should give Pull-Tight a try by getting a comparative quote. The price difference may surprise you.

For more information on SkeleCore Pull-Tight:
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