DuctSox’s New C-Series Drop Plenum Fabric Diffuser

DuctSox’s new C-Series Fabric Diffuser is a drop plenum diffuser providing any application space with 360 degrees of even air dispersion with all of the advantages of using fabric. The C-Series utilizes DuctSox’s patented SkeleCore internal tensioning system eliminating any fabric flutter while maintaining the same appearance with or without air.

• Featuring 360° Airflow coverage, not limited to 4 or 6 sides.
• Available with two throw lengths, equal to typical drum diffusers for extended distances.
• Available flat or 30° angle diffusion with a round or square top inlet.

With lower material cost, low weight, lower ceiling load and easy installation The C-Series provides a better air distribution solution than comparable products. Application spaces that can’t use ductwork for physical or financial reasons, but still require air distribution are an ideal fit for the C-Series Diffuser.

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ductsox drop plenum fabric diffuser