Fabric Ducting FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions”

DuctSox have prepared the following FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions” for their Textile Air Dispersion products. The document is to aide you in your understanding of DuctSox and their products. It is a comprehensive listing that includes 50 of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

Example of Fabric Ducting “Frequently Asked Questions”:fabric ducting frequently asked questions

Who is DuctSox? DuctSox is a USA owned and operated company based in Peosta, Iowa, with factory-trained distributors located throughout the world. We are a division of Rite-Hite Corporation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What is a DuctSox Textile Air Dispersion System? DuctSox are an attractive and cost effective replacement for exposed metal HVAC ductwork and diffusers. Constructed of fabric, systems are available in round, half-round, quarter-round or surface-mount shapes for horizontal or vertical orientations. They are available in a large variety of fabrics and options, ranging from antimicrobial treated fabrics to the SkeleCore Internal Fabric Tensioning System.

How is a DuctSox System different than a traditional metal duct system? Different than conventional metal, fabric products are engineered and manufactured for each project. DuctSox designs can be simple straight systems or very intricate layouts; incorporating fittings such as radius elbows, Ts, transitions, or any combination. Sections are zippered together to form extended lengths.

What is the number one advantage a DuctSox Textile Air Dispersion System has versus a traditional metal duct system? Better air dispersion. Because the air is distributed along the entire length of duct, a DuctSox System evenly disperses the air, eliminating hot and cold spots in the space.

For a copy of the Fabric Duct Frequently Asked Questions please visit our fabric ducting page.