Fabric Duct Installed at Harvey Norman Noarlunga, SA.

ecoHVAC Pty Ltd supplies DuctSox Fabric Duct to Harvey Norman, Noarlung, SA.

Recently completed project using DuctSox Verona Fabric with SkeleCore FTS Suspension System.

Harvey Norman NoarlungaSkeleCore FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) stands alone as the only textile ducting/diffuser system that provides cylindrical tensioning to keep the fabric round and taut at all times. Maintains the same appearance with or without any air pressure in the duct and is ideal when higher aesthetic value is desired, when cycling is frequent, or when systems are designed with variable air volume. SkeleCore FTS eliminates disruptive tendencies such as motion and noise upon AHU start-up, especially in hard start applications. It features a unique metal-to-metal Direct Hang Cable method which is the SAFEST suspension in textile ducting. Fabric longevity is extended by minimizing system movement at fabric seams, attachment points, and fittings.

Verona fabric is an all-purpose woven permeable fabric that offers best-in-class performance and features.

Features of Fabric Duct at installed at Harvey Norman include:
• Finished Seam Construction
• Positive Inlet Anchoring System
• Zippered Inlet Collar
• Color Options (Black, Silver, White, Tan, Green, Blue, Red, Custom)

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