In Rack Cooling

Close Coupled Cooling
Increasing power density is causing major cooling problems for IT equipment in datacenters which traditional downflow computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems cannot solve.

Datacenter cooling design philosophies have not significantly changed for 30 years, despite advances in server technology. Downflow CRACs are no longer an effective means of cooling low, medium or higher density heat loads.

An immediate remedy is to use close coupled cooling (CCC), with CCC units placed directly in the server racks. Rack based cooling equipment solves the problem by removing heat at the source of production instead of distributing cold air in an attempt to cool the room.

In-Rack Coolingdata cooling rack
SemperTec Delta-T in-rack cooling is the intelligent solution to the cooling demands of data centres, server farms and communication rooms.

Our intelligent cool features patented technological advances that set a new benchmark for energy, efficiency, flexibility and resilience as recognised by the Carbon Trust:
• Modular Rack Mounting – adjacent to the heat load for maximised capacity and minimised air path, up to 70% lower power consumption
• Row Heat Capture – thermal isolation without the cost or space consumption of containment
• Row Air Curtain – eliminates need for raised floor cold air distribution systems

The superior design of Delta-T close coupled cooling delivers comparable capital cost, but much lower operating cost and footprint compared with room cooling. Resilience and redundancy is enhanced using adaptive environmental control from our BACnet linked digitally driven cooling units.

SemperTec’s Delta-T allows computer cooling to be deployed whenever and wherever required – as part of an upgrade, a complete fit-out or for localised hotspot cooling solutions.

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