Interoperable VAV Diffuser that works with your BMS

Interoperable VAV DiffuserAn Interoperable VAV Diffuser (EF Therma-Fuser) that works with your Building Automation System? Yes!

Designed similarly to Acutherm’s independent models, the E-series Therma-Fuser diffusers recognize changes in room conditions and adjust control output for optimal performance. The result is individual temperature control that precisely matches the comfort requirements of the room.

Acutherm Interoperable Therma-Fuser diffusers are specifically designed for application in multi-vendor DDC building control networks that use LonWorks® technology.

As a supporter of LonMark®, Acutherm is working to make interoperability easy. All E-series Therma-Fuser diffusers are compliant under LonMark® interoperability guidelines.

Experience the benefits of high tech, high quality Acutherm products
• Superior air distribution – longer throws, no dumping, more entrainment, even temperature distribution, higher ADPI and better ventilation effectiveness.
• Lowest cost per zone of control.
• Lowest energy VAV terminal – green VAV.
• Low to no maintenance and no need for field tuning or calibration thanks to highly reliable thermal actuators.
• Easily adapts to office changes.

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