Most common mistakes in air curtain installations

The main causes of an ineffective air curtain are that the air curtain is not adapted to the special conditions required for each installation, but it is also a problem when the installation is not carried out according to the specifications of the air curtain in question.

First, the curtain must be located close to the entrances so that the airflow forms a barrier in the gap left by the opening door. Depending on the model, the curtain can be recessed, hanging or wall mounted.

The curtain must have enough space around the hoovers so that the air can flow quite easily and does not encounter barriers, so that the curtain can perform its functions as efficiently as possible.

Air Curtain Too Near the Ceiling
Air curtain too near of ceiling with no space to absorb enough air.

Another common problem is the lack of maintenance of the curtains. Although they are not units that need very specific maintenance, it is important to comply with minimum hygienic requirements such as cleaning the vacuum grille, for example.

When the grille accumulates a large amount of dust, this ends up being deposited inside the turbines and inside the unit, generating a large amount of dirt that compromises the optimal functioning of the device.

Dirty Air Curtain
Dirty air curtain and smaller than the door.

A very common mistake is to install a curtain with a smaller span than the door for which it is intended, which generates gaps through which the outside air passes. In this way, the installation of the curtain is no longer effective and what is supposed to be an investment ends up being a waste, as the purpose of the curtain, which is to save energy, is not fulfilled.

Cold rooms and large freezers require specific air curtains for low temperatures: Triojet System and Kool. Both are designed to be installed outside the cold room, above the door and without any kind of obstacle in front of the air jet. In addition, it is ideal to install space separator panels together with the curtain to create an intermediate environment for the air curtain to work even more effectively, avoiding freezing or accumulation of condensation inside the unit.

In general, a very common mistake is to resort to assembly companies that do not specialise in curtain installations because, due to lack of knowledge or laziness, they do not follow the specific assembly instructions for each model and each situation. The installation of an air curtain requires a highly specialised profile in the installer in order to ensure that the investment is effective and the benefits are optimally returned.

Incorrect Air Curtain Installation
Incorrect Air Curtain Installation

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