New 2016 Fabric Ducting Full Line Brochure

ductsox logoDuctSox are proud to release their new 2016 Full Line brochure. They have integrated all product changes and additions, including Jumbo FTS and dBSilencer, into a freshly updated Full Line Brochure.

Some of these changes include:
• Standard SkeleCore FTS is available from 8″ to 48″. The Jumbo Series is available from 50″ to 84″.
• Hoops (IHS) is available up to 48″. Larger sizes are available upon request.
• 4×2 has been eliminated from the product offering.
• General information on additional Critical Environments, including Growing Facilities and Data Centers.
• Updated photos throughout, and two additional pages have been added to the Photo Gallery!

Click here to download a copy of the 2016 Full Line Brochure.

Larger Sizes of SkeleCore FTS Now Available!

The SkeleCore FTS Jumbo Series is a larger-scale version of the patented FTS suspension/retention system. With sizes available from 50″ to 84″, Jumbo FTS is ideal for applications with high bay areas where airflow must be distributed to an extremely large area. Application types include Aircraft Hangars/Maintenance, Convention Centers, Sporting Venues, and Industrial.

Click here to download the Jumbo FTS Brochure.

The dBSilencer – Fabric Sound Attenuator

In an effort to continue to lead and innovate in the fabric ductwork/diffuser industry, we are excited to bring you the first of its kind silencer made out of fabric!

The dBSilencer is a Fabric Sound Attenuator that was developed to address one factor for fabric duct–noise from the air handling unit. Textile air dispersion systems can be designed to be quiet, but noise entering the system from air handling units, volume control dampers, or fan-powered boxes can create an uncomfortably noisy environment.

Click here to download the dBSilencer – Fabric Sound Attenuator brochure.

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