‘Pendent 360’ Upper Room Germicidal UVC Ultraviolet Unit

‘Pendent 360’ Upper Room Germicidal UVC Ultraviolet Unit

Introducing the ‘Pendent 360’ upper room germicidal UVC Ultraviolet unit with coverage of 65-75m². Units are designed to mount to a standard ceiling electrical box – similar to a typical ceiling fan or light fixture.

Where wall-mounted upper room UVGI fixtures may not be adequate or efficient to cover the space, introducing the ‘Pendent 360’. These aesthetically pleasing units, using an array of UV-C lamps mounted around a central reflector, provides UV-C intensity into the upper air of a room.

With a single mount point, the STBF-12 and STBF-24 models offer complete flexibility in mounting either a single unit or an array of units to cover large spaces.

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