Restaurant Solves Challenges with KitchenSox

Mrs. Doubtfire Restaurant Solves Cooking Hood Draft Challenges with KitchenSox.

The Issues:
• Performance challenges from kitchen ventilation system.
• Smoke and food odors wafted into portions of the dining area raising complaints from patrons seated at tables near the kitchen.
• Drafts from the existing make-up air HVAC system were drawing smoke and grease and depositing them onto the diffuser, walls, ceilings, and other kitchen surfaces requiring annual maintenance costs.
• Drafts from the air conditioning supply over the food prep area was prematurely cooling prepared hot entrees and employees in other kitchen areas were uncomfortably hot.

The Solution:

DuctSox KitchenSoxDuctSox recommended a custom KitchenSox system to disperse the airflow uniformly, parallel and in front of the kitchen exhaust hood. The metal diffusers were replaced with two eight-foot-long (2.44m), 28-inch-diameter (711mm) D-shaped KitchenSox fabric diffusers. Instead of the metal diffuser’s estimated 500-fpm (2.54m/s) airflow that caused turbulence and disruption of the cooking hood’s capture, the air is gently and evenly dispersed through the fabric into the entire kitchen area at a significantly slower 85-fpm (0.43m/s) rate. Without the previous high velocity airflow and subsequent turbulence, the dual exhaust cooking hood now efficiently performs up to its design standards and captures smoke, grease particulates and cooking odors without overflow.

The End Result:

A happy customer. Chef Kevin Gin couldn’t be happier. “This is really a common problem (inadequate cooking hood drafting) I think many restaurants suffer from and don’t realize there’s a simple, inexpensive solution,” said Gin. “We once thought replacing the HVAC system would improve our kitchen ventilation challenges, but we now realize it probably wouldn’t have remedied what was actually a ventilation problem that fabric ductwork solved.”

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