Rhoss Chillers – Heat Pumps and Polyvalent (Multipurpose) Heat Pumps

Rhoss Chillers Heat Pumps

ecoHVAC, in partnership with TechIN, are distributors for Rhoss Chillers, Heat Pumps and Polyvalent (Multipurpose) Heat pumps. The Rhoss range of products have been designed, manufactured and Certified in Italy for over 50 years. Eurovent Certification ensures consistency and reliability.

Rhoss products have been installed in a range of industries and across locations in Australia. The range includes Rhoss Air cooled chillers and heat pumps with low consumption technology and adaptive predictive control software.

Rhoss Polyvalent (4 Pipe heat pump) allowing simultaneous heating and cooling and Rhoss Water cooled chillers and heat pumps 5 kW to 1.7MW range Scroll, Inverter Scroll, Screw and Inverter Screw Compressors.

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