Stirling Evaporative Coolers

New Product from ‘Aira’: Stirling Evaporative Coolers

Aira’s high efficiency Stirling range of Evaporative Coolers suit any requirement, from large homes, factory machine shops, to large data centres.

Features:stirling evaporative coolers
• Modern Design.
• Highly efficient 100mm cooling pads with large evaporation capacity and cooling efficiency.
• Auto dump cleaning function.
• 10 year cabinet warranty.
• High efficiency inverter VSD Motor (AZL 16/18/20)
• Intelligent LCD Wall control. (AZL 16/18/20)
• Heavy Duty Grey UV resistant external polymer casing.
• Specially-designed axial fan with large airflow, low noise and energy-saving design.
• High quality aluminum motor housing

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