TechIN appoints ecoHVAC as a distributor of ALDAG Air Handling Units

Aldag Modular Air Handling Unit

ecoHVAC are pleased to advise we have been appointed by TechIN as the QLD, NSW & ACT Distributor for the ALDAG range of Air Handling Units.

ALDAG modular air handling units are available with airflow range from 400 l/s up to 34,700 l/s. The AHU conditions the air to achieve the desired indoor air quality, temperature and humidity. They are EUROVENT Certified and are designed to meet the customer’s specific HVAC requirements.

Since 1967 ALDAG Cooling Industry Inc. has been a pioneer and leader in the production of refrigerators by these facilities. Flexibility in design, quality in production, energy saving, customer satisfaction in service are their general policy.

  • Airflow Range: 400 l/s to 34,700 l/s (larger airflows available as special design)
  • Construction: Commercial, Hygienic, Single deck and multiple decking, Multi-zone, Vertical & Horizontal, Indoor and Outdoor installation
  • Fans: EC fans, AC fans with speed controller, Centrifugal Belt-driven
  • Cooling: Water and glycol coils, DX freon coils, Special coils like CO2, NH3…
  • Heating: Water coils, Electric banks, Vapor coils
  • Heat recovery: Wheel type, Plate type, Run-around coils
  • Filters: Any classification (EUROVENT certified)
  • Options: UVC, Controls, Humidifiers
  • Casing: T2 – T3 class. TB1 – TB3 class

For more information on Aldag Air Handling Units, please call us on 1300 770 908 or Contact Us.