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The Secret Behind Entrematic HVLS Fans Industry-Leading Quality and Operation

Quality, Performance and Safety All Rely On Solid Engineering

For the past eight years, Entrematic has committed itself to providing the highest quality, best performing — and best looking HVLS fans.

While simple, eye-catching design and colour options are important considerations, beneath the surface of every Entrematic fan is a wealth of solid engineering that goes well beyond what meets the eye.

Their team of HVLS fan engineers are involved in every step of our fan production process — from initial concept and design to stringent safety measures — as well as our product lifetime performance guarantee.  And above all, the sheer amount of engineering that goes into each fan’s safe operation for the life of the product is second to none.

As you spec HVLS fans for your various mechanical HVAC and other projects, we invite you to learn more about the solid engineering that resides at the core of each and every Entrematic HVLS fan.

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