Ultraviolet Light Filtration Within Your Home?

american ultraviolet logoIt has been estimated that as many as 50 million individuals within the United States suffer from allergies every year according to the American College for Allergies, Asthma and Immunology. Many of the allergens occurring indoors and recirculated over and over again. From previously blog posts you may be aware that ultraviolet light can be used for air filtration, but have you considered trying it in your own home?

ultraviolet light filtration in your home

American Ultraviolet Eliminator

Ultraviolet light (UV-C bands) can be used for air filtration or purification inside both commercial buildings and homes. In both settings ultraviolet light is most commonly installed in the HVAC system for both the purification purposes and for the improved lifespan and efficiency of the HVAC unit. The UVC light works in filtration by killing airborne DNA based contaminants in the air as it pushes through the HVAC system’s duct. The UV light penetrates the cell walls of the DNA based contaminant and alters the genetic make up of the it. When altered, the contaminant is deactivated rendering it unable to reproduce and killing it. Items like mold and yeast that many individuals are allergic to, as well as bacteria and viruses are now filtered out of the air through this process. When this occurs lower infection and illness rates have been recorded.

Depending on what an individual experiences, allergies from this now decontaminated air circulating throughout your home or business could  improve the onset of ailments and symptoms. This particularly is helpful for those who experience allergy symptoms for mold spores or dust.

While research is still being conducted on the exact effectiveness of UV filtration for other allergens in your home or business for allergy relief, there have been many user confirmations of therapeutic benefits from installing the lights in their home. For example, we have had many homeowners purchase our American Ultraviolet Eliminator from our Homeowners Online Storefront for their home for just the idea of air filtration throughout their home and later describe to us the secondary benefit of allergy reduction/relief for members of their household.

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