UVC is Not Magic!

UVC is NOT Magic

With the current global pandemic on everyone’s minds, more attention is being paid to the role of many useful technologies that have been previously underutilised in controlling the spread of infectious disease.  Among these technologies is germicidal UVC technology.  This is a good thing; the technology is an extremely useful part of the bigger solution and relatively easy to apply with proper precautions. The issue is the disparity between increased enthusiasm and increased education and information on the proper application of UVC technology.

The less education on safe and proper use of technology, the greater the risk of injury from misuse. Fire is an amazing tool in the context of human history, providing the earlier means of heat, supplemental light and cooking.  Fire is also extremely dangerous when not used safely. Misuse of technology due to under informed consumers is bad for the users, and the technology’s overall acceptance. It is the responsibility of the providers of a technology to educate the consumers as to proper use and safety precautions for acceptable adoption of their technology. Read Full Article…

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