VAV Diffusers In High Performance Air Systems

Creating Comfort, Efficiency and Sustainability with VAV Diffusers

High performance air systems demand modern design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimise comfort and reduce energy consumption. A comfortable environment is achieved by providing the smallest possible zones of temperature control, allowing for individual temperature distribution and better air movement. Reduction in energy is realized by designing a low-pressure HVAC system that allows for maximum turn-down while maintaining temperatures.

vav diffuser range
High performance air systems demand design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimise comfort and reduce energy consumption.


Occupant comfort and system efficiency stem from appropriately sized zones of control. Creating many small zones will provide exceptional levels of control, leading to outstanding occupant comfort. VAV diffusers are a cost-effective and practical way to provide this level of personalized control.

Energy Savings

VAV Diffusers allow for low-pressure, low-energy consumption systems. Many small zones provide individual temperature control to prevent over cooling or over heating when spaces are unoccupied. VAV diffuser systems do not have a velocity limitation because pressure independence is achieved by measuring only static pressure. The static pressure damper in a VAV diffuser system may be oversized to minimise pressure drop without the penalty of increasing minimum flow. VAV diffuser systems require low duct pressure, which reduces the required fan horsepower, and in turn, the energy required to operate the system.


VAV diffusers have a long lifespan and offer simple maintenance. Thermally powered units do not require any wiring and, aside from setpoint adjustment, are virtually maintenance free with 30+ years of proven operation. Motorised diffusers make use of long-life brushless motors to reduce maintenance requirements and provide near silent operation. VAV diffuser systems are exceptionally adaptable to office changes. The modular concept and flexibility provided by a VAV diffuser system means that any changes to the floor plan need not trigger expensive and disruptive changes to the HVAC system.

Thermally Powered VAV Diffuser

The Acutherm Therma-Fuser™ self-modulating diffuser provides optimal thermal comfort through integrated thermal sensors that continuously monitor room temperature to modulate the integrated damper. Damper modulation is done mechanically with a thermally powered wax actuator, eliminating the need for any electrical or controls wiring and making installation quick and easy.

thermally powered vav diffuser

Motorised VAV Diffuser

The Advantage self-modulating diffuser enhances traditional system design by adding the element of personal control. A room temperature sensor provides constant feedback to the microprocessor controller located in the diffuser, enabling precise monitoring of the space temperature. Using the room, duct and setpoint temperatures, the Advantage modulates supply air to maintain comfort in the space.

motorised vav diffuser

The Advantage personal diffuser monitors space conditions and regulates the flow of supply air to maintain the room setpoint with an accuracy of +/- 0.5°C. This setpoint is adjustable and enables occupants to establish the setting that represents their individual level of comfort. Several models styles are available to meet various design requirements.

Advantage Linear Slot Self-Modulating VAV Diffuser

linear slot self modulating vav diffuser

The Advantage linear module has an elegant linear design for individual units or continuous linear slots. These VAV diffusers are constructed with streamlined aluminum extrusions to provide a slim architectural shape for ceiling or sidewall installation.

Advantage Round Plaque Self-Modulating Diffuser

round self modulating diffuser

The pleasing round shape blends in with round architectural features or exposed round duct work.

Advantage Swirl Face Self-Modulating Diffuser

swirl face self modulating diffuser

The swirl face provides a modern aesthetically pleasing appearance combining a high induction geometry with a VAV damper.

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