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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

UVC Germicidal Light – On Coil Cleaning HVAC

Germicidal Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) devices installed on the downstream side of the cooling coil, reduce HVAC energy consumption and cleaning. The germicidal UV-C light continuously cleans coils of mould and organic build-up, bringing them back to peak efficiency. Benefits include better airflow, temperature and humidity control, improved heat transfer, and greater net cooling capacity. Energy savings of 20% and higher are common.

Benefits of UV-C;
• Increase IAQ
• Increase Heat Transfer
• Decrease Pressure Drop
• Decrease Microbial Growth
• Decrease Maintenance Costs

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uvc on coil cleaning hvac

Energy Savings in Buildings – HVAC Best Practice

Studies confirm that Therma-Fuser™ Systems are the most efficient VAV approach, with building energy savings of 10%-47%, as compared to VAV box systems.

Therma-Fuser VAV diffusers allow for all low-pressure, low-energy system designs, which prevent overcooling and overheating. The thermostat-actuator and damper, located inside each unit, is designed to reduce the flow of supply air such that the volume entering the space is only the amount necessary to maintain a set temperature. By preventing overcooling and overheating, overall energy usage is greatly reduced.

Therma-Fuser VAV diffusers also have the lowest pressure drop of any VAV terminal, allowing for low-pressure systems and low energy fan motors.

No energy is required to operate the diffuser’s controls.

Sources of Energy Savings:
• Individual Temperature Control (small zones)
• Lower Turndown
• Eliminate Pressure Drop
• All low-pressure duct system

See Acutherm for more detailed information or contact ecoHVAC.

building energy savings with vav diffusers

DuctSox’s New C-Series Drop Plenum Fabric Diffuser

DuctSox’s new C-Series Fabric Diffuser is a drop plenum diffuser providing any application space with 360 degrees of even air dispersion with all of the advantages of using fabric. The C-Series utilizes DuctSox’s patented SkeleCore internal tensioning system eliminating any fabric flutter while maintaining the same appearance with or without air.

• Featuring 360° Airflow coverage, not limited to 4 or 6 sides.
• Available with two throw lengths, equal to typical drum diffusers for extended distances.
• Available flat or 30° angle diffusion with a round or square top inlet.

With lower material cost, low weight, lower ceiling load and easy installation The C-Series provides a better air distribution solution than comparable products. Application spaces that can’t use ductwork for physical or financial reasons, but still require air distribution are an ideal fit for the C-Series Diffuser.

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ductsox drop plenum fabric diffuser

UltraSuite – The Ceiling Solution for Modern Healthcare Operating Theaters by Price Industries

Introducing UltraSuite – The ceiling solution for modern healthcare Operating Theaters by Price Industries.

Ultrasuite is a customisable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms.

Ultrasuite combines high-output LED lighting with precision equalised laminar airflow, eliminating the traditional “light ring” & opening valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment, while optimising contaminant removal from the surgical zone.

Conforming to all ASHRAE 170 requirements, Ultrasuite is the perfect combination of performance, aesthetics and efficiency.

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ultrasuite ceiling solution healthcare price industries

New Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor by Price Industries

Price Critical Controls have introduced the industry’s highest resolution Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor (PMT) with a maintenance free pressure sensor.

The PMT will be fully supported by Price Critical Controls’ experienced application engineering team and global representation and will provide intelligent room pressure monitoring of critical environments with BACnet communication (BTL Certified) to the building management system.

Additionally, the touchscreen display features visual and audible alarms that signal unsafe conditions with illuminating sidebars, providing 180 degree visual status from anywhere in the corridor.

For more information about the industry’s first maintenance free pressure sensor please, Contact Us.

Price Critical Controls New Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor

DuctSox Kwik-Thaw™ Sleeve for Freezers

Developed for freezers by DuctSox, the Kwik-Thaw Sleeve™ can be fitted to existing or new equipment operating with frosted coils. By collapsing when the unit goes into a heated defrost cycle, the sleeve keeps the heat inside the unit, speeding the thaw cycle time and reducing the amount of heat that would normally escape into the freezer.

• Helps coils thaw/quicker defrost cycle
• Reduces unintended product thawing in freezer
• Air porous fabric will not condensate during operation
• Adjustable outlet eases field adjustment for lower flow conditions

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Keep Warm in Winter with AirPatrol

stay warm this winter with airpatrol

With winter here, it’s now time to start thinking about the best ways to beat the cold. With the AirPatrol WiFi controller, you can keep your home warm and cozy, while saving energy and money at the same time.

The controller connects seamlessly with the AirPatrol mobile application, allowing you to control your AC from anywhere, literally. Once you connect your controller to your phone, some magic happens in the cloud and you can communicate with your AC from anywhere in the world(as long as you have internet connection).

Visit our AirPatrol WiFi page to purchase.

The Opera Apartments, South Brisbane

ecoHVAC has recently supplied to The Opera Apartments, South Brisbane specialised hydronic equipment which included an Australian manufacture chilled water buffer tank; Imera Expansion tanks and Flamco’s Dual Zone Flow Diversion air & dirt separator.

Flamco’s new patent Dual Zone Flow Diversion unites all existing technologies to separate air particles and dirt from system water: coalesence, lowering of the flow speed and pressure drop.

For detailed product information, please visit our Products page. For phone or email details, please visit our Contact Us page.

the opera apartments south brisbane