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Sustainable HVAC Solutions

DuctSox Kwik-Thaw™ Sleeve for Freezers

Developed for freezers by DuctSox, the Kwik-Thaw Sleeve™ can be fitted to existing or new equipment operating with frosted coils. By collapsing when the unit goes into a heated defrost cycle, the sleeve keeps the heat inside the unit, speeding the thaw cycle time and reducing the amount of heat that would normally escape into the freezer.

• Helps coils thaw/quicker defrost cycle
• Reduces unintended product thawing in freezer
• Air porous fabric will not condensate during operation
• Adjustable outlet eases field adjustment for lower flow conditions

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Keep Warm in Winter with AirPatrol

stay warm this winter with airpatrol

With winter here, it’s now time to start thinking about the best ways to beat the cold. With the AirPatrol WiFi controller, you can keep your home warm and cozy, while saving energy and money at the same time.

The controller connects seamlessly with the AirPatrol mobile application, allowing you to control your AC from anywhere, literally. Once you connect your controller to your phone, some magic happens in the cloud and you can communicate with your AC from anywhere in the world(as long as you have internet connection).

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The Opera Apartments, South Brisbane

ecoHVAC has recently supplied to The Opera Apartments, South Brisbane specialised hydronic equipment which included an Australian manufacture chilled water buffer tank; Imera Expansion tanks and Flamco’s Dual Zone Flow Diversion air & dirt separator.

Flamco’s new patent Dual Zone Flow Diversion unites all existing technologies to separate air particles and dirt from system water: coalesence, lowering of the flow speed and pressure drop.

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the opera apartments south brisbane

DataSox – Customised Air Dispersion for Data Centers

ductsox logoData centers of today consume high levels of power to maintain an optimal level of performance. Many factors contribute to the overall usage of this power, but one of the most significant components is conditioning the equipment space.

As technological advancements increase, hardware manufacturers can continually improve their equipment offerings to the data center industry. These new hardware opportunities lead to increased power density within the conditioned space; this creates the need for additional cooling to meet the acceptable temperature requirements that hardware manufacturers and ASHRAE have established.

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Regulate Ventilation in Central Systems Without the need for Individual Fans

aldes logoAmerican Aldes patented Zone Register Terminals (ZRT®) are designed to introduce flexibility and dynamic control to central ventilation systems. Used in both large and small systems, the ZRT regulates ventilation without the need for individual fans. Each ZRT is a combination grille, register box, control damper, and optional flow regulator(s). This unique combination provides up to four different control schemes without the need for expensive pneumatic, electronic, or DDC control systems.

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AirPatrol WiFi now live on IFTTT

air patrol logoThe AirPatrol team is proud to announce that the AirPatrol WiFI is now live on IFTTT.

If you are unfamiliar, IFTTT, also knows as “If This, Then That”, is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “Applets”. These are triggered based on changes to other web and smart home services such as Alexa, iOS, Android, and Google Maps.

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DataSox Provides Large Volumes of Cold Air to Data Centre Aisles

ductsox logoLeading HVAC air dispersion systems manufacturer, DuctSox, has announced the availability of DataSox for Data Centres.

It is the HVAC industry’s first customisable air displacement ventilation ductwork system with onsite directional-adjustability for effectively and energy-efficiently cooling commercial data centre equipment.

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