ecoHVAC Product Range

DuctSox Fabric Ducting

DuctSox Fabric Ducting offers Innovative, Green Solutions with Superior Air Distribution.

Thermal and Smart Electic VAV Diffuser Product Range

VAV Diffusers

Thermally Powered and Smart Electric VAV Diffusers. Energy Efficient & Zone Independent

UVC Germicidal Lights

American Ultraviolet germicidal UVC lamps kill and eliminate harmful pathogens and microbes.

Apreco Air Pressure Stabilisers

Air Pressure Stabilisers

Used in hospitals, operating theatres, clean rooms, gas fire suppression and fire routes.

Aura Air Purifier

Aura Smart Air Purifier

Meet Aura Air, the purifier that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria


Air Curtain Product Range

Comprehensive range of air curtains for Commercial, Industrial, Retail & Food Industries.

Chilled Water Thermal Storage Buffer Tank

Thermal Buffer Tanks

Thermal Buffer Tanks increase system capacity and stabilize return water temperature.

Expansion Tank Pressurisation System

Expansion Tank Range

Complete Range of Expansion Tanks with sizes from 8 litres to 1,000 litres.

onic Equipment Product Range

Hydronic Equipment

Storage, Buffer & Expansion Tanks; Auto Refill Units, Air/ Dirt Separators and Dosing Pots.


Fan Filter Units

Envirco fan filter units have been installed in cleanrooms and clean areas worldwide.

Room Pressure Monitor

Room Pressure Monitor

Ensures laboratory & healthcare environments are safe by verifying room pressure & airflow.

Commercial Boiler Range

Commercial Boiler Range

ecoHVAC have a wide range of Commercial Gas and Condensing Boilers to suit your project.

Constant Airflow Regulator Product Range

Constant Airflow Regulators

ecoHVAC have a wide range of constant airflow regulators to suit your project.

Aldes Zone Register Terminals

Zone Register Terminals

Aldes Zone Register Terminals regulates ventilation without the need for individual fans.

Commercial and Industrial Heating Product Range

Gas, Radiant & Fan Heating

Wide range of gas, radiant and fan heaters to suit a number of applications.

Evaporative Coolers Product Range

Evaporative Coolers

Wide Range of High efficiency Evaporative Coolers to suit any requirement.

Sailsors Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential Pressure Gauges

Designed to give fast, accurate indication of differential air pressures.