Aira IDC Series – Heating, Cooling and Energy Recovery System

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aira idc indirect heating cooling

Aira IDC Series – Heating, Cooling and Energy Recovery System

Provides year round comfort at a fraction of the cost of systems running on purely DX coil air conditioning.

Ideal for: large open spaces, high rise buildings, requiring pressurisation systems and pharmaceutical industry, requiring fresh air heating.

Features & Benefits
Indirect heating cooling has a small footprint, and is significantly cheaper than DX coil air conditioning. In many cases the pre-cooled air is sufficient to keep the space comfortable; however a DX coil air conditioner can be attached as a backup for more extreme conditions.

Even if a DX coil system is running the pre-cooling of the air, using this dry air evaporative cooling setup greatly decreases overall energy consumption and increases Green Star Ratings.

  • Fresh air heater
  • Cheaper to run and install than pressurised standard systems
  • Dry air evaporative pre-cooling
  • Reduced power load and consumption
  • Axial fan exhaust
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger with 5 year warranty
  • Natural gas fired
  • DX coil backup
  • Filtered air inlet
  • Evaporative air conditioning
  • Heat exchanger
  • DX or refrigeration component – fan coil and condenser
  • Gas fired heater
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