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Apreco Air Pressure Fire Relief Vents

Apreco Pressure Relief Vents

Apreco’s range of pressure relief vents (PRV) is designed for commercial and industrial applications where the control of air pressure is required.

The pressurisation of stairwells is an increasingly common method of ensuring safe means of exit from a building on fire. Pressure control must be in place to maintain minimum and maximum stairwell pressures within agreed parameters.

BS EN 12101-6:2005 requires pressurised fire escapes to be maintained at 50 Pa and limited to a maximum of 60 Pa.

Apreco’s extensive range of standard air pressure relief vents (dampers) are characterised by their ease of installation and accuracy.

Apreco can provide bespoke pressure relief vent solution designs that can handle all flow/pressure requirements in pressurised stairwells built to BS EN 12101-6:2005.

A variety of bespoke external solutions are also available, including weather protection using fixed low loss louvres and penthouse louvre assemblies. Apreco’s Pressure Relief Vents can also be adapted for use where there is a requirement for pressure relief venting in industrial applications.

Apreco pressure relief vents have been used many applications including those for the Defense Industry in combination with security louvres.

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