Commercial Air Curtains

commercial air curtainCommercial & Industrial Air Curtains create an efficient and invisible door that keeps the heat inside. They can be even more effective when used in air conditioned or cold storage buildings.

ecoHVAC have a comprehensive range of air curtains which provide the most efficient separation with the lowest possible energy consumption, regardless of whether it is the heat or the cold that you want to keep inside.

Features & Benefits

• Keep conditioned air in thereby reducing energy costs
• Keeps outside weather out
• Barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes and bad odours
• Prevent the entry of insects and pests
• Smart Appearance with Quiet Operation

Commercial Air Curtain Product Range

Model Length Voltage/Hz Speeds Features
AG-1.25-09 900mm 240/ 50 High/ Low Polypropylene Casing / Adjustable Fins
AG-1.25-12 1200mm 240/ 50 High/ Low Polypropylene Casing / Adjustable Fins
HAC1215WS 1500mm 240/ 50 High/ Low Polypropylene Casing / Adjustable Fins

Choosing the Right Air Curtain

For optimal air curtain effect, it is important to choose the right air curtain. ecoHVAC have air curtains for all openings from small kiosk hatches to large industrial doors. They blow from above, from the side or from below.

The installation of an air curtain can bring substantial energy savings. The level of savings and the length of time until the investment into air curtain is paid back depends namely on the proper design, construction, appropriate installation, correct operation and maintenance of the air curtain.

Commercial & Industrial Air Curtains are suitable for Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Cafes, Stores, Hospitals, Offices, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Processing Plants.

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