Critical Environments Fabric Ducting

ductsox logoFor Critical Environments, DuctSox has developed both LabSox™ and KitchenSox™.

LabSox Fabric Ducting
LabSox products are fabric air dispersion devices designed for laboratory environments in critical applications commonly associated with a fume hood or other airflow sensitive equipment. LabSox offer uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns.

critical environments fabric ductingLabSox™ Products are “Fabric” Air Dispersion Devices designed for laboratory environments (Pharmaceutical, Research Education, Vivariums, etc.) in critical applications commonly associated with a fume hood or other airflow sensitive equipment (scales, laser, microscope, etc).

Airflow in laboratories is a critical design factor as turbulent air can negatively effect research or even cause hood failure resulting in a compliance issue. The LabSox advantage is clear as air passes through specialized fabric panels resulting in uniform, low velocity, radially diverging air patterns with little if any turbulence.

LabSox products are not only ideal for labs of the future, but can be easily retrofitted to resolve air flow issues in existing facilities.

kitchensox fabric ductingKitchenSox Fabric Ducting

KitchenSox offer commercial and industrial kitchens and food preparation environments a solution to drafts that affect hood performance, cleanliness, food safety, and employee comfort. Air is dispersed through a fabric faced D-Fuser reducing drafts and condensation. Dirt deposits on the diffuser and adjacent ceiling tiles are reduced. Fabric panels can be easily removed for laundering.

Other Critical Environment Fabric Ducting Options

Two other products available for Critical Environments include: ChemSox (for caustic environments) and the D-Fuser Filter (for critical environments experiencing airborne pollution).

DataSox – Air Dispersion Specifically for the Data Center Industry

datasox air dispersion for data centresWhile continuing to lead and innovate in the fabric air dispersion industry, we are excited to bring you the FIRST directionally adjustable air displacement system for the data center industry!

DuctSox use a unique combination of anti-static, porous material and adjustable nozzles to address the growing airflow challenges of the data center industry.

The air displacement portion of the DuctSox places large volumes of air within the cold aisle with low velocity while the adjustability allows for higher wattage server targeting. Minimal hot air entrainment is achieved, eliminating or reducing the need for physical containment structures, while lowering construction costs and getting better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ratings.

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