Differential Pressure Gauges

differential pressure gauge model a2Differential Pressure Gauge (model A2):

sailsors logo The series A2 Differential Pressure Gauges are designed to measure positive, negative, or differential pressure of low air and non-corrosive gases with a full span accuracy of 2% at a competitive price. They are widely used for filter condition checks, HVAC control, and the measurement of fan and blower pressures, air velocity, and pressure drop across orifice plates applications, as well as other applications in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing industry. When pressure is applied to both sides of the diaphragm in operation, any difference in pressure causes the diaphragm, the spring that the diaphragm is linked to, and the magnet attached to the spring to move. The movement of the magnet forces the magnetic helix to turn in order to maintain the gap, and the pointer fixed to the helix turns with it.

Differential Pressure Gauge (model A9):differential pressure gauge model a9

Magnet-helix indicating mechanism ideal for low Differential Pressure measurement: • Surface mounting with 2-5/8″ hole • Accuracy 5% of Full Scale • Easy to read through lucid lens • High static pressure to 30 PSI • Good quality and low cost

Air Filter Gauge Kit (model 301-P):

air filter gauge kitThe Air Filter Gauge Kit converts any A2 Differential Pressure Gauge into an air filter gauge. The kit includes an aluminium surface mounting bracket with screws, (2) static pressure tips, (2) vent valves and (2) 1.5m lengths of vinyl (Plastic) tubing. Also available is the air filter gauge kit with the aluminium tubing option. Model number is 301-A.

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