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Frico Radiant Heaters

Frico Radiant Heaters provide a similar kind of heating experience to that felt by the sun’s warming rays. Frico radiant heaters also cost less to buy and install than other systems so can be a low cost option overall. The superior design contributes to these efficiency and cost benefits due to a lower temperature heat provided to a larger surface area, allowing better heat transfer than other heater technologies. When you consider that radiant heating can be applied to localised areas instead of, say, a whole building or floor, Frico radiant heaters can be the only realistic alternative in some circumstances.

Radiant Heat for Targeted Uses

Frico Radiant Heaters do not need to heat the surrounding air in order to provide warmth, and the range of different heaters includes models fitted with different elements to provide thermal radiation for different situations. Halogen lamp or tube element models are suited to outdoor use or in rooms with high ceilings, while thermocassettes have a discrete appearance in normal height rooms. Frico Radiant Heaters can provide supplementary heating for particular locations within a building, and because they give warmth within moments of being turned on, they are a good solution for places that are intermittently or infrequently used.

Additional Reasons to use Frico radiant Heaters

For some people and some situations, Frico radiant heaters provide warmth with a high level of comfort. Because radiant heat does not need to warm the air before it gives warmth to people and objects in a room, the overall air temperature can remain cooler, and will not dry out as much. This can be beneficial for people with respiratory or other health conditions. Other people benefit from a reduction in airborne particles from Frico radiant heaters when compared with traditional heating systems. Localised heating can quickly adjust warmth in localised areas, and Frico radiant heaters mounted on ceilings or high on walls can be much safer than when heaters must be installed within reach.

Efficient Heating

The heat from radiant heaters is emitted as soon as the rays hit a surface and there are no losses on the way. The heat is then transmitted to the air which means that the temperature can be lowered with a maintained comfort level. Radiant heaters also give instant heat.

Zone and Spot Heating

With radiant heating systems, different zones within the same room can have different temperatures. This means energy can be saved and comfort increased. Radiant heaters also provide efficient and economical protection against cold draughts. The radiated heat “naturally” migrates to where it is most needed, which means that cold surfaces such as windows will attract the radiant heating.

Discrete Heating

Radiant heaters heat without being seen or heard. They have a discrete design that blend in well in all environments and the heating cause no air movements. Mounting on the ceiling leaves the walls free.

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