Hydronic Equipment Product Range

ecoHVAC has a wide range of Hydronic Equipment such as:

  • Thermal Storage Buffer Tanks
  • Chemical Stainless Steel Dosing Pots
  • Membrane Expansion Tanks
  • Automatic Refill Units
  • Air & Dirt Separators
  • Pressurisation Systems

With the backing & expertise of various manufacturers behind us, ecoHVAC are able to offer assistance with design and selection of specialist equipment, tailor-made for your specific project requirements.

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Buffer Storage Tank

Thermal Buffer Tanks

Thermal Buffer Tanks increase system capacity and stabilize return water temperature.

Expansion Tank Pressurisation System

Expansion Tanks/ Vessels

Complete range of Membrane Expansion Tanks with sizes from 8 litres to 600 litres.

Chemical Stainless Steel Dosing Pots

Chemical SS Dosing Pots

American Ultraviolet germicidal UVC lamps kill and eliminate harmful pathogens and microbes.

Automatic Refill System

Automatic Refill Unit

Automatic Refill Units are used to maintain closed loos system pressure.

Flamco Pressurisation Systems

Pressurisation System

Flamco products balance the system pressure using efficient vessel design & controls.

Flamco Degassing Air Dirt Separators

Degassing Air/ Dirt Separators

Flamco's product range uses proven technology to extract air and solid particles from the water.

Custom Air Dirt Separators

Custom Air/ Dirt Separators

An effective way to remove particulate matter and oxygen from closed loop systems.