Industrial AUL Air Curtain

industrial aul air curtainAUL Industrial Air Curtains have been manufactured and installed throughout Australia for twenty years and considered by their peers as leaders in this field.

Air curtains are used for a variety of applications from thermal barriers at shopping mall entrances to fly and insect prevention.

The air curtain enables traffic to flow unobstructed through openings whilst maintaining distinct environments thus resulting in energy savings.

Industrial AUL Air Curtain Product Range ● AC-900; AC1200; AC1500 & AC2000

Air Curtains are used to:
● Keep conditioned air in
● Keep outside weather out
● Prevent refrigerated air escaping
● Eliminate discomfort near entrances
● Repel street dust &fumes
● Keep doors open
● Segregate areas in factories & warehouses
● Prevent the entry of flies & insects