Mitsubishi GK Series Commercial Air Curtains

mitsubishi logoMitsubishi Electric Air Curtains are the perfect way to provide your premises with a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while saving energy with a quiet, efficient and powerful operation.

The Air Curtain not only insulates temperature efficiently (i.e. preventing loss of cool air during cooling and heat loss during heating) it can protect your premises from unpleasant elements found in the external environment.

Mitsubishi GK Series Commercial Air Curtain Specificationmitsubishi gk commercial air curtain
• Max mounting height 3.0m. GK3009-900 & GK3012-1200
• Max mounting height 3.5m. GK3509-900 & GK3512-1200
• Twin Nozzle Design
• Quite and compact

Model Length Voltage/Hz Input Power Weight Air Volume Sound
GK3009AS 900mm 240/ 50 76-105W 11kg 455 l/s 50dB
GK30012AS 1200mm 240/ 50 95-125W 14kg 540 l/s 52dB
GK3509SA 900mm 240/ 50 155-223W 22kg 583 l/s 58dB
GK3512SA 1200mm 240/ 50 187-267 29kg 733 l/s 59dB
Sustains Temperature
In a cold-storage facility without an Air Curtain, the temperature inside increases from -5 to 4ºC in as little as two minutes. If an Air Curtain is used, this time is extended to about 10 minutes, or approximately five times as long. Tests show that when an Air Curtain was used, 50% less energy was required to reduce the inside temperature to -5ºC.

Keep Out Dust/ Insects/ Odours
Keeps out dust, insects, and noxious odours. Helping maintain a pleasant environment.

Quiet Propeller Design
The hydromechanical technology applied to Mitsubishi Electric’s quiet fan provides substantial airflow with low noise. Our quiet fan has achieved significant improvements in energy efficiency and operation cost compared to the previous model using a line flow fan.

Twin Nozzle
The twin nozzle design allows the Air Curtain to generate larger air velocity distribution with less air intake. Resistance to the influence of external airflow has been strengthened considerably improving insulation against heat and cold.

Easy Maintenance
The use of the axial fan (quiet propeller design) makes the unit easier to maintain and keep the unit in top condition at all times. Additionally, an improvement resulted from a change of fan, from line flow fan to axial flow fan extends the lifespan of the unit.

Flexible Installation
The airflow angle can be adjusted both internally and externally. The unit can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the available space.

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