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Control Your Split System Air Conditioner from Your Smart Phone with AirPatrol

Use your Smart Phone to Control your Air Conditioner from Anywhere with AirPatrol WiFiair patrol logo

The AirPatrol WiFi controller enables you to easily control your split system air conditioner from anywhere using a free app on your smart phone (works with Apple iOS and Android). This enables you to save on energy costs and make your life more comfortable.

AirPatrol WiFi is suitable for most of the air conditioner brands! It doesn’t however work with Ducted Systems.

airpatrol wifi boxYou have an air conditioner and don’t want your house or apartment to be freezing-cold / boiling hot when you arrive home?

Use AirPatrol’s smartphone application to control your air conditioner from anywhere using your home or office WiFi!

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Make your life comfortable!
Never again arrive to a cold / hot home. Adjust the room temperature to perfection prior to arrival or set up automatic time cues.

Saves money
Cool or heat your house only for the period when you’re at home and turn it off when no one is around.

Stay informed
With AirPatrol, it’s easy to check the room temperature and humidity from anywhere.
It even let’s you know when temperature or humidity drops too low or rises too high.airpatrol wifi app

Easy to set up
Installation takes just a few minutes and it works with all major heat pumps, air conditioners and smartphones.

How it works
AirPatrol WiFi uses wireless channels for communication: strong WiFi / cloud network between smartphone and AirPatrol and IR between air conditioner and AirPatrol.

It’s easy to set up AirPatrol WiFi!

1. Place and plug in AirPatrol WiFi near your Air Conditioner.
2. Download the app from Play Store / App Store.
3. Pair AirPatrol WiFi with your phone and follow the instructions from there.

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