The Blade - Handheld UVC

american ultraviolet logoThe Blade from American Ultraviolet is a handheld, portable UVC disinfection device designed to deactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi in spaces where traditional hard-mounted UVC fixtures are inconvenient to be mounted and where portable devices have limited access. Common environments include laboratories and food manufacturing, including food storage and packaging.

The Blade is ideal for the disinfection of:
• Hard to clean/reach surfaces such as remote controls, keyboards, equipment with many accessories, and inaccessible areas that require frequent wipe downs
• Bathroom handrails, toilet surfaces, sinks, and other surfaces
• Mobile phones, chairs, door knobs, bed rails, tray tables, etc.

Benefits:the blade handheld uvc germicidal sterilisation wand
• Quickly disinfects common bacteria, viruses and fungi on hard to reach surfaces
• Lightweight handheld device with shatterproof lamp
• Easy to use
• Lamp rated for 12,000 hours

• Highly polished reflector maximizes UVC intensity
• Quick and easy lamp-change (requires no tools)
• On/Off switch
• Ergonomic handle maximizes grip comfort
• Voltage: 240V, 50/60Hz
• Provides ≥735µW-s/cm2 of UVC intensity @ 15cm
• Dimensions: 46cm Long x 13cm Wide x 16cm High
• 1.8 meter power cord
• Uses one SBL350T shatterproof germicidal UVC lamp
• Lightweight extruded aluminum housing is sturdy, yet weighs less than 2.3kg

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