UVC Germicidal Light Product Range

American Ultraviolet have been providing UVC (Ultraviolet C) Germicidal Light Solutions since 1960. UVC light is used to treat air that passes through an HVAC unit that reduces, or eliminates, DNA-based airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast, protozoa), and provide much healthier air to breathe.

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Ultraviolet Light On Coil Cleaning HVAC

UVC On Coil Cleaning (HVAC)

American Ultraviolet manufactures a wide range of in-duct UVC HVAC Germicidal lights.

HVAC Air Duct UVC Lamps

HVAC Air Duct UVC Lamps

Germicidal fixtures can be mounted in various configurations for optimum air decontamination.

UVC Germicidal Light for Healthcare

UVC Light for Healthcare

UVC solutions for reducing unwanted surface and airborne microbes in & around the patient.

UVC Light for Food and Beverage

UVC for Food & Beverage

Germicidal UVC Lights for the Food & Beverage Processing/Packaging industry.

UVC Mobile Room Disinfection

UVC Mobile Room Disinfection

Mobile UVC with the goal of targeting infections in the environment around the patient.

The Blade Handheld Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

The Blade - Handheld UVC

Portable UVC disinfection designed to deactivate bacteria & viruses in hard to reach places.

UVC Dosimeter Cards

UVC Dosimeter Cards

A safe and efficient tool that can be used to verify UVC exposure of a surface, or an instrument.

UVC Kitchen Exhaust Lights

UVC Kitchen Exhaust Light

UVC Kitchen Exhaust Hood Lights are designed to reduce odors and grease deposits in kitchen hoods.

Upper Air Irradiation

Upper Air Irradiation Solutions

Recognised and recommended by the CDC, WHO, and ASHRAE as effective solutions for the mitigation of airborne pathogen transmission.

UVC Germicidal Light Frequently Asked Questions

Germicidal UVC Light FAQ

Find answers to your questions about Germicidal UVC Light with our UVC FAQ.