UVC On Coil Cleaning (HVAC)

American Ultraviolet LogoAmerican Ultraviolet manufactures a wide range of in-duct UVC HVAC air duct system equipment, on-coil HVAC UV air handling systems, in-room HVAC UV light systems, Operating Room UV packages, and ultraviolet germicidal fixtures for numerous applications. This includes commercial buildings, hospitals, clinics, food and beverage processing plants, offices, restaurants and commercial kitchens, and manufacturing sites, among others.

auv ck series lightHVAC CK Series for Air Handling Unit

Highly Configurable UVC Systems for HVAC applications. The CK Series is designed as a modular, highly flexible UVC kit for Air Handling Unit (AHU) installations. The kit is simple to install and can be configured to provide exactly what’s needed for a wide variety of AHU installations. The CK Series is flexible enough to get everything you need and nothing you don’t for almost any UVC application in an AHU. Standard configurations offer up to 16 lamps running from a single electronic enclosure. The CK Series can be supplied with standard, coated or double-walled cell lamps, based on requirements of the installation. The BMS option allows for lamp monitoring with relay output to a building’s central monitoring system to ensure performance.

HVAC CC Series for Air Cleaner Systems

HVAC UV LightHigh-output CC Series HVAC UV light fixtures are designed specifically as HVAC air cleaner systems. They can be mounted in various configurations for optimum pass-by UV air sterilization and/or to irradiate cooling coils and drain pans. These individual HVAC UV air purifiers can be mounted to plenum walls, or multiple fixtures can mount to frame assemblies that span supply ducts or cooling coils.

CC Series fixtures are offered as single and double lamp configurations with “moisture proof” construction. They may be mounted individually; in built-up banks; or in parallel rack-system configurations in a variety of locations, including coils, drain pans, ductwork, mixed air plenums and exhaust systems. The CC Series is available in five lengths (18″, 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″) and four voltage options (115, 208, 230 or 277 VAC), providing installation flexibility to accommodate virtually any system.

HVAC PEK Series for Fan Coils, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

auv pek series lightDesigned specifically for fan coils, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), classroom unit ventilators, packaged split systems and other similar room unit systems. The PEK Series uses practical and effective UVC technology to overcome the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) challenge other small in-room packaging equipment hasn’t been able to solve because they’re often equipped with low-efficiency filters that cannot effectively capture infectious disease contaminants or mold. In addition, because of space and airflow limitation, many of these other units cannot be retrofitted with high-efficiency filtration. PEK / GTLK Series UVC Germicidal Fixtures have been designed to destroy or prevent pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and mold, from ever growing on Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units and unit ventilators.

The tight clearance, and limited space needed, for installation make the PEK / GTLK an ideal choice for new construction and retrofit projects, particularly when space is at a premium.

The PEK / GTLK Series use a proven watertight lamp socket connection that allows you to choose between double-walled (PEK), or shatterproof (GTLK) lamps. Lamps and ballasts can be placed inside AHU’s housing, thus eliminating the need for a power enclosure.

HVAC Air Cleaner Benefits

• Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing bacteria, viruses and mould
• Reduces the risk of cold, flu, allergies and other illnesses associated with air handling systems
• “Green”lamps contain ≤ 8mg of mercury
• Two-year guarantee on lamps with only 20% decrease in output over two years
• Five-year, non-prorated warranty on the ballast
• Continuously cleans coils, drain pans, plenums and ducts, eliminating costly cleaning programs
• Reduces HVAC energy costs by restoring heat transfer and net cooling capacity
• Produces no ozone or other secondary contaminants
• Plug-in connections mean no field wiring required (except for 277 Volt applications)

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